Zinio revista Reader

Read all your favorite magazines on the go


  • Free magazine options available
  • Purchase an annual subscription or issue
  • Multiple view options
  • Sync library with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC


  • Magazine issues take a little time to download
  • No way to read your subscriptions offline

Very good

Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is an app for Android that allows you to read magazine issues and subscriptions on your mobile device.
While magazines are first and foremost a way to provide information to their readers, the large image spreads are also a definite draw. It's what probably keeps a lot of people from subscribing to them via a Kindle or another black and white e-reader device. If this is something that bothers you too, Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is definitely something to look into.

Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader lets you read your magazines in style - and in color. With Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader you can choose from a selection of free and paid subscriptions to the most popular magazines out there, from Sports Illustrated to Cosmopolitan. You can also choose to purchase only one issue with Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader, if a subscription's not your thing.
The nice thing about Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is that you can sync your magazine library on a variety of devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also sync it to your Mac or Windows computer, making it possible to read your magazine subscriptions wherever and whenever you want. In addition, you can read your articles in either a text-only version or with all the pictures where they would be in the print copy of the magazine.

Unfortunately, you have to have an internet connection to read your Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader subscriptions. This won't be a problem for most people with a mobile data plan, but for those who rely on wifi, you can't read your Zinio subscriptions offline. If the Zinio site is offline, you're also out of luck in terms of reading your subscriptions.

If you want to read your magazine subscriptions digitally in all their full, colorful glory, Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader is definitely worth a try.



Zinio revista Reader

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